Conan O’Brien is in South Korea right now, probably having more fun than you are. But why?

It all started when Conan’s fan Sunny Lee was procrastinating while studying for her South Korean SATs (we’ve all been there). She decided to write to Conan and send him a gigantic box of Korean snacks.

I asked for Count Chocula, and they gave me this. #ConanKorea #southkorea #food

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Conan loved the snacks so much, he wanted to personally thank Sunny for the gift. Now, Conan is in South Korea taking in as much of the local flavor as possible: sampling Korean cuisine, making new friends in unexpected places, and learning the perils of traveling without his favorite American breakfast cereal.

Here is a peek at Conan’s trip to South Korea thus far: 

Conan made an unexpected new friend.

He watched his waitress expertly cut his meal with a pair of scissors.

They cut meat here with beef scissors. I love this country. #ConanKorea #southkorea #food #travel

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He wined and dined his new pet octopus.

Having a drink with a close friend. One for me and 8 for Samuel. #ConanKorea #SamuelTheOctopus

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He found the American snacks he was desperately missing from home.

It looks like this episode is shaping up to be the biggest Conan remote episode yet.

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