Chrissy Teigen—model, Twitter star, and “Doritos dust” enthusiast—just released a charming trailer for her upcoming cookbook, Cravings. The video is everything you’d expect it to be: there are cameos from Teigen’s husband, singer John Legend, as well as her parents, plus there’s an insane amount of food and plenty of adorable dogs.

The trailer, which offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the food-obsessed model shooting images for the cookbook, reveals that Cravings will likely feature many “messy” foods (Teigen’s favorite) like tacos and sliders. The clip also verifies that the GOAT pictures of Legend eating chicken wings off of a plate balanced on Teigen’s booty while she lounges in a pool are indeed from the upcoming cookbook.

Most importantly, at a time where seemingly every celebrity under the sun is “writing” a cookbook, Teigen declares that she actually wrote the book herself. Cravings, which is edited by James Beard Award-winning writer Francis Lam, hits shelves tomorrow.

[via EW]