Today, February 8th, Chipotle is temporarily shutting all its U.S. stores until 3pm in local timezones for a nationwide staff meeting on food safety. There’s a lot to be covered at the four-hour meeting, including how to bounce back from the E. coli outbreak that affected around 50 people across the United States, as well as a norovirus outbreak in Boston that caused somewhere around 140 people to fall ill.

Although the food-safety meeting is unquestionably necessary, we’ve got to acknowledge that it’s pretty cruel of Chipotle to choose the day after Super Bowl—when people are hungover at work—to cut off the burrito supply. Merciless. 

Here are a few Chipotle fans who are super sad about the news.

But amid all the tragedy is some good news: According to the Chipotle website, the chain is giving out free burritos to anyone whose lunch plans got messed up today by the store closures. To get hooked up with a free burrito, just test “raincheck” to 888-222. The company says it will then text you back with a coupon for a gratis burrito within the next few days. Bless up.

Will Chipotle be successful in winning back the public’s confidence? Who knows, but free burritos sure help ease the pain of any unfavorable circumstance.

[via Chipotle]

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