Wall Street job interviews are notoriously stressful. But at Charles Schwab, CEO Walt Bettinger just wants to know how his potential employees deal with a botched breakfast order.

In an interview with the New York Times, Bettinger went into detail about his hiring practices, including his breakfast test. Bettinger will set an interview at a restaurant, where he will then arrive early and talk to the manager. He asks the manager to purposely screw up his interviewee’s order, so he can see how he/she deals with the minor inconvenience.


“I do that because I want to see how the person responds,” he tells the Times. “That will help me understand how they deal with adversity. Are they upset, are they frustrated or are they understanding? Life is like that, and business is like that. It’s just another way to get a look inside their heart rather than their head.”

If the interviewee eats the messed-up order, are you understanding, or weak? What if he/she makes a scene and sends it back—does that spell shrewd business acumen? Bettinger doesn’t give away any hints on what he’s looking for specifically.

However, Bettinger says that there’s always a hefty tip for the staff when he pulls these interview stunts. We’re just hoping that extra cash trickles down to the line cooks in the kitchen who have to make an extra meal after they purposely fudge the first.

[via New York Times]