Not everyone rolls up to the Bon Appétit test kitchen late and high as f*ck, then shouts “Flushing, Queens in the motherf*cking building” at the camera. But that’s precisely why we love Action Bronson so goddamn much. BamBam showed up to the Bon App offices in FiDi to cook a beautiful Mediterranean delicacy from his area of the world, hummus and lamb kofta, with Vogue social editor Chloe Malle.

“If I cut a finger, fuck it,” says Bronsolini while chopping, to which Malle says, “Then your finger is going to be in our yogurt.” Bronson’s response: “Whatever.” We think Malle could take a cue from Bam and relax a little, and maybe smoke a blunt with the culinary sensation before their next shoot. When Malle chastises Bronson for being a little late to the shoot, he simply says, “Well, listen, I had to get high.” Shout out to taking care of yourself and your personal needs, two tried-and-true keys to success.


[via Bon Appétit]