The Broad City girls are known for their stoner tendencies and for being goddamn hilarious. But what fans might not know is that Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer can identify New York City snack foods better than most.

Bon Appétit put Jacobson and Glazer to the ultimate New York munchies taste test, as the girls tried to determine what exactly they were eating while blindfolded (and likely blazed). The duo tried everything from jelly fish noodles to Russ & Daughter’s pickled herring to Dominique Ansel’s cookie shot. They even demonstrated their knack for identifying ingredients like “Pop Rocks.”

Our favorite comment has got to be when Jacobson takes a bite of Mile End poutine and declares: “Didn’t like it there, didn’t like it now.” Not a fan of cheese curd, Abbi? Good thing she had a can of Bud to cleanse her palate.


[via Bon Appétit]