Philadelphia is famous for many things, but infamous for two in particular: greasy food and obnoxious sports fans. So what happens when you throw a chicken wing-eating contest the week of the Super Bowl in the Philadelphia Flyers arena? Well, someone ate 429 wings in 26 minutes, but also, a whole lot of people got into a giant brawl in the stands. Basically, it was just another Friday morning in South Philly.

Philly’s annual Wing Bowl—hosted by radio station 94WIP and attended by Philly’s most brazen drunks, bros, and bozos—was disrupted this year. Deadspin reports that this morning’s festivities were tarnished by some ringside fisticuffs.

Being that its 2016 and even the drunkest of assholes know how to use a camera phone, the brawl was recorded from several different angles. Please, indulge yourself and watch all of them—they are hilarious.

The absolute best part, though, is as follows: While some bald man is pummeling another, the man recording it all on his phone dug deep into his hammered brain and heckled the brawler with a full two-line quote from the Space Jam scene in which Charles Barkley plays basketball with some high-school girls. Bravo, drunken Philadelphian, bravo.

The only indication of what may have started the fight comes when someone behind the cameras yells what sounds like, “Damn, all over someone throwing beans?” We have no idea what that means, or why anyone would be throwing beans at a wing-eating contest. Nor do we really want to know.

[via Deadspin]