Celebrities—they’re just like us and want to stuff their faces at restaurants in peace. Unfortunately for actor/ice-luge enthusiast Bill Murray, not all eager fans understand this. According to TMZ, Murray was dining at Vesuvio rooftop lounge, a popular celebrity watering hole in Carmel, CA earlier this week. He soon noticed a few starstruck patrons taking photos of him. Murray allegedly lost his cool, got up from his seat, grabbed the fans’ phones, and threw them off of the second-story rooftop.

US Weekly writes that the police were called to the restaurant but no charges were pressed. Scott Pepe, the owner of the restaurant, tells TMZ that Murray was not drunk at the time of the incident but was definitely annoyed. The three fans were “pretty obvious, with flashes going off only 10 feet away.”

Carmel police commander Paul Tomasi tells the Hollywood Reporter that Murray “admitted to being present” and that he was willing to “pay for the damaged properties.” Tomasi added that the situation was “handled as a civil matter between Mr. Murray” and the victims. Pepe says that he plans on changing his restaurant’s policy, however, due to the incident and will ban phones and pictures “since celebs come in a lot.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time a celebrity has erupted on a regular citizen. Last year, Busta Rhymes pleaded guilty to throwing a bottle of Muscle Milk at a gym employee. The rapper was arrested and charge with assault. However, instead of facing any real punishment, Busta was only forced to attend anger management classes.

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