This week in the town of Robins, a small suburb of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a forward-thinking man named Shawn Bodensteiner opened a Big Lebowski-themed bar and restaurant. Bodensteiner, who is a residential home builder by trade, serves a double-patty “Big Lebowski” burger—covered with four different cheeses, bacon, roast beef, BBQ sauce, and an onion ring—along with White Russians (obviously) and 10 rotating beers on tap.

“For Pete’s sake, how did you get ahold of us out here in Robins, Iowa?” said Bodensteiner when we phoned him to talk about The Dude-approved establishment. The 47-year-old Iowa resident describes a few other homages to The Dude, including a Persian rug hanging on the restaurant’s wall. “All i ask is that people don’t pee on it,” says Bodensteiner. “It’s screwed to the wall, too, so people can’t steal it,” he adds.


(Photo: Facebook/Lebowski’s Bar & Grill)

The budding restaurateur says Big Lebowski fans from Washington to Canada have contacted him to congratulate him on opening Lebowski’s Bar & Grill. But locals are loving the restaurant, too. “There’s a lot of engineers in this town because there’s a big aero defense company about three miles away,” says Bodensteiner. “A lot of those guys are Big Lebowski fans. Believe it or not, the engineer crowd is really into The Big Lebowski.

Lebowski’s Bar & Grill is the only restaurant in Robins, which has a population of 3,200 people. “It’s a new big thing for us here, that’s for sure,” says Bodensteiner.


(Photo: Facebook/Lebowski’s Bar & Grill)

[via Twin Cities Pioneer Press]