Adele’s performance last night was undoubtedly moving, but far from perfect. Thanks to a mishap regarding the placement of her microphone, Adele sounded less like the singing powerhouse we know and love, and more like a nervous student at a talent show.

To numb the pain of the technical flaw in her performance, Adele chose to self-medicate in the most California way possible: with In-N-Out.

After the awards show on Monday night, Adele tweeted:

If everyone from Anthony Bourdain to Julia Child loves In-N-Out, of course it would be worth it, Adele. When is In-N-Out ever a mistake?

2016 is turning out to the be year of celebrity food endorsements. Earlier this year, Katy Perry treated her table at the Golden Globes to In-N-Out. A spot at Katy’s table must have been the most sought-after seat in the house, especially when you consider how subpar awards show food is.

Take it from Adele and Perry: In-N-Out really can make everything better, no matter what the circumstance.

[via Billboard]