You can call him Tity Boi or you can call him 2 Chainz—just make sure you don’t call his fish dry.

New York Fashion Week has officially kicked off again, and despite the freezing temperatures, Kanye released more clothes with holes in them, Joey Bada$$ punched out a camera man, and Milk Studios caught up with 2 Chainz to talk about sea bass.


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The legendary fashion studio talked to Chainz about his line of ‘Dabbin’ Santa’ hoodies, his preference for Balmain jeans, and his daughter’s reluctance to eat breakfast. But most notably, 2 Chainz talks about the importance of eating strategically during Fashion Week:

“Fashion week you gotta eat something light, ’cause all the models and stuff. You can’t get fat. You gotta go with, like, a Chilean sea bass or something like that, and sweet potatoes. Super duper light, especially with all the models walking around—you can’t be fuckin’ bloated.”

We’re not quite sure if Tity Boi was suggesting that models eat sea bass—or recommending that everyone else eat sea bass to appeal more to the models—but one thing’s for sure: if you’re in NYC this week, it couldn’t hurt to eat a little bass.

2 Chainz continues the interview by talking about cooking shows, which he watches a lot: “I don’t eat beef or pork. So if it’s not that, I will get highly interested. If they’re making, you know, ground lamb chop balls and shit, I’ll just be like, ‘What is this?‘ So I don’t have a favorite. Anybody who has a cooking show can get my attention.”

We’re pretty interested in some ground lamb chop balls too, Chainz. Let us know if you find a good recipe.

[via Milk]