When Yelper Megan B. visited Manhattan’s Iron Horse to meet up with some friends, she was put off by the dive bar’s noisy atmosphere and less-than “top notch” food. She was so dissatisfied that she decided to write a one-star Yelp review, ripping the bar apart for the qualities that make a dive bar, well, a dive bar.


As a person who frequently writes Yelp reviews on places she’s visited, you would think that Megan would have checked the bar’s Yelp page before complaining about its atmosphere. A quick skim will tell you the bar is labeled as a noisy place with cheap food and drinks (a.k.a., a dive). But that didn’t stop her from judging the bar for something it never claimed to be.

The bar’s owner grabbed hold of Megan’s one-star comment and decided that something had to be said. Zbigniew reviewed Megan’s frequented restaurants and found she preferred quiet coffee shops over loud bars. This was Megan’s first mistake. Next, Zbigniew explains the restaurant isn’t known for having great food. People come back to the dive bar for a good time, not for a five-star meal. Mistake number two. Next, Zbigniew puts Megan back in her place by requesting Megan do some research before bagging on a bar again. He then gives Megan a one-star review.


Way to take down a curmudgeon, man.

[via Mashable]