Nowadays, it seems like there’s a world record for anything and everything. There’s a world record for the largest high-heel shoe, and one for the most people simultaneously banging their heads at one time.

Here’s another one that falls into the category of unlikely world records: Indian science teacher Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya’s managed to fit 1,001 straws into his mouth. 

Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya earned himself a Record Setter world record with video footage demonstrating his bizarre ability to hold over one thousand straws in his mouth and keep them in.


The more you look at it, the more it looks like an extreme game of Chubby Bunny that would probably take hours to get exciting.


Now, you might be watch Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya’s talent and think to yourself: that’s pretty useless. But at Record Setter, that’s the goal. The video description reads, “At RecordSetter, we believe everyone can be the world’s best at something.”

Upadhyaya’s straw trick makes you stop and wonder how people discover they have a talent like this. According to Guinness World Records, Upadhyaya has always dreamed of being a record holder. The science teacher holds a wide range of titles including the world record for amount of grapes eaten in one minute and the most matches put out by a tongue in one minute (ouch).

Let this be a great reminder to always follow your dreams, kids. You never know where it might get you.

[via The Laughing Squid]