If you’ve binge-watched Narcos, you’re probably familiar with the countless tactics smugglers use to bring drugs into various countries. One to add to that ever-growing list: hiding heroin in a bottle of booze.

US Customs pinned Rosa Almonte De Ortega at JFK for allegedly smuggling one pound of heroin into the country stashed inside a bottle of Dominican alcohol. According to WKTV, De Ortega was stopped upon arrival from Santiago, Dominican Republic on January 6th, where officers checking De Ortega’s bag found a bottle that felt “unusually heavy.”

Officials claim the contents of the bottle contained 32 pellets that tested positive for heroin. The pellets are estimated to have a street value of $27,000. Now, De Ortega faces charges for smuggling and has been arrested by the NYPD for the importation of a controlled substance.

But this isn’t the first time the NYPD has dealt with a case of drug smuggling in the form of a bottle of alcohol. Back in September, a Guyanese man attempted to smuggle cocaine in a bottle of 12-year-old El Dorado rum which he claimed to have purchased from a duty-free shop in Guyana. Think it’s safe to say both of these cases were a waste of perfectly good bottles of alcohol.

[via NY1 News]