New Year’s Eve is a hectic time—not only for the hordes of people trying to find the perfect bar to get into, but also for the waitstaff who patiently tend to all the inebriated customers.

It is also a time where people lose all good sense and judgement, as evident by the events that transpired this NYE at Indianapolis restaurant, Kilroy’s Bar N’ Grill.

A woman dining at the restaurant that evening took to the bar’s Facebook page to vent about what she saw as poor service the night of New Year’s Eve. The cause of that “poor service,” you ask? An “inconvenient” customer who was suffering from cardiac arrest.

In her now deleted Facebook post, a misinformed Holly Jones writes,

“I will never go back to this location for New Year’s Eve!!! After the way we were treated when we spent $700+ and having our meal ruined by watching a dead person being wheeled out from an overdose…The manager also told us that someone dying was more important than us being there making us feel like our business didn’t matter,”

Chris Burton, the managing partner at Kilroy’s, responded to Jone’s comment, putting her in her rightful place. Burton writes,

“We love feedback, whether it be positive or negative. I especially like feedback like this so others can see the disgusting people that we have to deal with sometimes. First of all, the ‘overdosing junkie’ that you speak of was a 70+ year old woman who had a heart attack. Thankfully she was finally revived at the hospital and survived. It sounds like you were very concerned about her so I thought you should know. But I can completely understand why you think being intoxicated a**holes that didn’t understand your bill should take priority over a human life.” 


Click here to view screenshots of the entire conversation. 

The misinformed Jones was crucified by the Internet for her insensitive remarks, prompting her to delete her Facebook. Kilroy’s and Burton, on the other hand, continued to receive heaps of praise. The response was so overwhelming that even Burton himself began to feel sympathy for Jones. He explains,

“If I had any idea it was going to go viral, I wouldn’t have used her name. When something like that goes viral, people on the Internet get a little mob mentality and start sending death threats, calling her employer trying to get her fired. That is completely unnecessary. But you know, you’ve got to be careful what you post online. It can come back and bite you.”

And come back and bite her it did. The viral post made its way to Jones’ employer, Serenity Salon, who promptly fired Jones from her position.

Monday morning, Burton shared a GoFundMe page for the victim that underwent cardiac arrest at the restaurant. He states, “The lady survived but has a long way to go. Let’s help them out!” As of the time of this post, the page had raised over $11,000 dollars with contribution from 415 people. One of the donators included Serenity Salon, who gave $500 to help the victim.

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