Have you ever wondered what to use for drinking water if stuck on a deserted island with no food or drink? Allegedly you can use urine as a last resort if there is no running water. But how would that taste?

The champs over at BuzzFeed decided to take one for the team and sample their own urine. The results are pretty much what you’d expect.


One disgusted test subject says his urine tastes exactly like what it smells like. Another relates it to the sensation of eating a booger. Regardless, no one ever said it was refreshing and no one said they would do it again.

But before you go and try drinking pee for yourself, here’s what you should know:

According to Gizmodo, some people use urine for a therapy purpose called Urophagia. But take note: drinking pee is actually a pretty bad idea. According to the American Cancer Society,

There are some individual reports of urotherapy’s ability to stop cancer growth. However, available scientific evidence does not support claims that urine or urea given in any form is helpful for cancer patients. Two small studies done during the 1980s found urea did not cause tumors to shrink in patients with cancer in the liver.

But what if you’re stuck on a deserted island with no other options? The Army Field Manual suggests urine still isn’t your best option. Drinking pee will only speed up the dehydration process so you won’t actually end up getting hydrated after all.


So the good news is there really isn’t any reason to ever go and drink you pee. Consider this one a blessing.

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