In a world dominated by heavy, drug-induced beats and verses about molly, lean, and money, one Japanese rapper is changing the game and rapping about his true love: Coca-Cola.

MICHAEL’s (a.k.a ごはん泥棒) four-minute rap about his favorite drink is nothing short of incredible, with lyrics you can only assume are representative of Lil Dicky’s $ave Dat Money. You don’t even have to understand what the rapper is saying in order to appreciate this flow—the video alone will strike a chord due to MICHAEL’s weirdly relatable obsession with Coke.


The vid features plenty of pizza, because you can’t have Coke without pizza.


And MICHAEL even teaches us some very valuable lessons. For example: you should never waste your time drinking that Coke Zero trash. You have to go for the real classic OG stuff.


The video hasn’t even been out for an entire day and we’re already expecting big things to come out of his guy. It looks like he has what it takes to be the rap game’s next biggest star. Cheers to you, MICHAEL. We owe you a Coke.


[via YouTube]