Valentine’s Day is such a drag. You call all over the city, desperately trying to get a ressie at a restaurant you really can’t afford—especially if you’re paying for the two of you.

After several hours, you secure a table at an overpriced, sub-par spot you don’t even really like. This leads you into a deep dark depression where you question the very fabric of your relationship (and existence). But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Just take your Netflix-and-chill buddy to Waffle House. The chain—loved by everyone from Anthony Bourdain to DMX—just released a list of its locations offering a candlelit dinner on V-Day.

You know what to do. Pick up the phone and score that reservation at a Waffle House near you, because there isn’t really anything sexier than scattered and smothered hashbrowns.

This guy’s got the right idea…

And so do these lovebirds…

What? You’re single? That sure as hell doesn’t mean you can’t go stuff your face at Waffle House on February 14.

Power moves, @WhoDc5. Power moves.