There are some things that you just don’t want to see when you walk into a restaurant—no matter how low-brow that restaurant is. One is hair in the food you’re about to shove in your pie hole, and the other is employees doing their hair in the kitchen, in the same space that food is being prepared.

Unfortunately for Arkansas resident Antonio Robinson, he witnessed both while eating at a local Waffle House on Friday. Robinson alleges that his friend found hair in his breakfast early Friday morning. Then Robinson noticed two employees in the kitchen doing something suss. “She dipped her hair down in the pot, and when it came back up she was drying it off with one of the towels… I see people do that in their house and things like that, but for a restaurant, I don’t know,” Robinson told local news station WREG. The disgruntled and disgusted customer decided to film the kitchen antics and post the video on Facebook.

One local health inspector says that anytime hair is being done in a restaurant, it is a health violation, which is somewhat comforting we guess. But St. Francis County health inspectors launched a full investigation into the video, and the company passed the inspection according to a report obtained by WREG.

Still, the employees in the video were fired, and the manager of the Waffle House location told one reporter he was “embarrassed” about the incident. We think WREG should be slightly embarrassed about titling their news segment “Weaves and Waffles,” but we digress.

ridic[via WREG, Facebook]

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