Just yesterday, we alerted you to the fact that Tyrese Gibson built a full Benihana restaurant in his own backyard. #Goals

Master of None star Aziz Ansari noted yesterday in a series of Instagram posts that the R&B  star invited him, his brother, and comedy group The Lonely Island to his personal Benihana, which Gibson calls “Gibisihana,” to celebrate Aziz’s brother’s birthday. But that isn’t the end of the behind-the-scenes look at Gibisihana celebrations.

Gibson has since posted a #throwback photo of the official “GRAND OPENING” of Gibisihana, which fell on his daughter’s fifth birthday. None other than Will Smith, Paul Walker, and Vin Diesel showed up to watch some hibachi magic.

Gibson is well aware that his “backyard restaurant is pretty legendary,” and “a place where the Whos who get to EAT and relax and be exactly WHO they are.” Sounds like the platonic ideal of a dining experience.

The actor and R&B star first revealed his game-changing landscaping move two years ago when he filmed a YouTube clip that proved its existence. “I’ve done some real fly shit in my backyard,” says Gibson.

[via Instagram]