If your dog has ever eaten a beloved piece of jewelry, you know the only chance of ever getting it back is to wait for it to come out the other side.

After 25-year-old Gopi R. Ghaware stole a woman’s gold chain, he was sent to a hospital to treat the minor injuries he received from witnesses who beat him up (often times, that’s how the justice system works in Mumbai). While inside the hospital, X-rays found something metal inside the man’s stomach, which the criminal admitted was the golden chain he tried to steal.


The thief was then ordered by Mumbai police to eat 48 bananas in an attempt to recover the stolen chain. All that fiber inside the bananas proved to be helpful, as Ghaware was able to successfully poop out the chain.


The chain was returned to the woman in a plastic bag, which she brought back to a jeweler to exchange for a new, clean piece of jewelry that hadn’t just traveled through a stranger’s digestive track.

Although eating 48 bananas was probably hell for Ghaware, binging on that much fruit is part of a regular day for Freelee the Banana Girl. Just watch this woman down 51 bananas like it’s nobody’s business.

[via UPI]