If you thought Neknominate took the cake for dumbest drinking trend, wait until you hear the deadly concoction Tennessee teens have started consuming.

Sixteen-year-old Logan Stephenson died after reportedly consuming Mountain Dew mixed with racing fuel. The combination, which sounds idiotic and just plain awful, caused Stephenson’s skin to change color and sparked a seizure, Greenbrier Police Chief KD Smith tells WZTV. The friend who was drinking the concoction alongside Stephenson is currently in a coma.

Since the incident, two other Tennessee teens have come forward expressing they also tried drinking Mountain Dew mixed with racing fuel. Although it seems like common sense to not consume a flammable substance like gas, according to MedlinePlus, gasoline poisoning can cause skin burns, heart collapse, and convulsions.

If you really want to experiment with some weird drinking trend, why not opt for the Slip n’ Slide drinking challenge. Plus, there are so many other drinks in the world that taste one million times better than gasoline.

[via Fox 59]