We all know that guy: the one who shows up to Starbucks with a full monitor and keyboard set up and starts writing his novel or editing his Fetty Wap fan page or whatever people with no internet connection (or coffee maker) do at home on their computers. This guy is worse. He brought two keyboards, one for the QWERTY and one for his fire beats.

The photo, who we can only assume is of Scott Storch, popped up on Reddit thanks to dmizz, and shows the dude stretched out at a Starbucks table, complete with a 30 inch plus monitor connected to his two keyboards, a synthesizer, at least two cell phones, and another two or three boxes of musical production crap pilled on top of itself.

Homeboy doesn’t look happy to have his photo taken, but it might just be because you can see his levels and mixes on the monitor, and that shit is top secret bro.

Here at First We Feast we know a thing or two about mixtapes, so we’ve decided to lend a helping hand and suggest some names for this new project dude is working on:

Venti Vetti Vecci feat. Ja Rule

Caramel Machia-Flow

Dark Roast: Battle Raps to Start the Day

Dirty Steam 2

If You’re Reading This The Coffee’s Cold

Those ones are on the house, just make sure to tip your barista on the way out, and please be time sensitive with the recording booth. After all, there’s a line of people out here who need to use the bathroom after you lay down that verse.

[via Reddit]