From Philippe’s French dip to Langer’s pastrami, Los Angeles has no shortage of iconic sandwiches that stoke regional pride in Angelenos. But that’s not stopping Shake Shack from opening three L.A. locations in the City of Angels this spring, and creating an exclusive-to-Los Angeles burger, deemed the Roadside Double.

Shake Shack recently debuted the drool-inducing patty—a double Swiss cheeseburger topped with Dijon mustard and onions simmered in bacon and beer—at a series of pop-up events in L.A. this past week.

Culinary director of Shake Shack Mark Rosati tells First We Feast that the Roadside Double was inspired by the iconic French dip sandwiches at Phillipe’s and Cole’s. Unlike the French dip, the Roadside Double burger isn’t soaked in in a mixture of pan juices and stock, but the flavors are rich and beefy like what you’d find at Philippe’s. Rosati explains that this is the first time Shake Shack has used a cheese other than American to top one of its burgers.

There’s no exact opening date for the Glendale, DTLA, and West Hollywood Shake Shack locations, but the company has confirmed that they will be opening in Spring of 2016, and each will have the Roadside Double as a permanent menu item. We can not wait to do a side-by-side In-N-Out vs. Shake Shack tasting.

See you there, Los Angeles.

Shake Shack in LA. Am I dreaming?

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