When the plans for Rick Ross’ 40th birthday extravaganza were announced by GQ, fans were left with many many questions. Here are a few of them:

  • Would Ross get the ice-cream cake he desired?
  • Just how much Belaire Rose are we talking about?
  • Would DJ Khaled Snapchat the entire night?

Unfortunately, the answer to that last question was a resounding no; but thanks to insider photos from GQ and Rozay’s own personal Snapchat, we have a pretty good idea of what went down at Ricky’s 40th.

Watch how a #boss celebrates his birthday. #bornaboss

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For a little refresher, when GQ spoke to Rick Ross about his big birthday plans, Ross explained he didn’t know all the details, but his fingers were crossed that he’d get a vanilla ice cream cake and other luxe, “high standard” things. He tells GQ,

You know I love those ice cream cakes. You know I love vanilla ice cream cakes. But from the cakes to the pies, Rozay loves a little bit of everything. As long as it’s done at the highest of standards, Rozay gon’ love it.

By the looks of things, Ricky Rozay got exactly what he wanted. The party was filled with nothing but the best guests—including Cee Lo and Ludacris—as well as cars and lots of doughnuts. Guests were treated to a huge spread of Krispy Kreme, Waffle House, and plenty of alcohol.

Afterhours Waffle House + Krispy Kreme free for everyone. A fitting end to Rick Ross’ 40th birthday/mansion party

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According to Page Six, “Every guest walked away with a magnum-sized bottle of Luc Belaire.”

Boss celebration… 1 million roses. 1k bottles.. @officialbelaire

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When it came time for Rozay’s anticipated birthday cake, Ross was presented with a gigantic four-layer gold cake with his initials posted on the front. Fingers crossed this one was a vanilla ice cream cake.

cake cake cake cake cake

(Photo: Snapchat/Rick Ross)

Overall, the party looked like the place to be on Thursday night, even if not one pear made it to the party.

[via GQ]