Today is none other than Maybach Music Group legend Rick Ross’ 40th birthday. Ricky Rozay plans to do it big, with plenty of Belaire Rose, because when you’re turning the big 4-0 you can’t celebrate like you’re a nobody.

Ross recently sat down with GQ to discuss his upcoming birthday plans, and let’s just say the party will be nothing short of legendary. The soirée is being held at Ross’ mansion in Atlanta, Georgia. Some “powerful guests” will be in attendance, according to the artist—including politicians, athletes, etc—and the VIPs will be sipping on “over 1,000 bottles of Belaire Rose,” also known as Rick Ross’ alcohol of choice.

If you’re wondering how this might compare to other legendary birthday bashes like Diddy’s, rest assured that Ross is expecting everything to be VIP ready—even if he doesn’t know all the details of what is going on.

He tells GQ he isn’t 100% sure of what his personal chef Amaris Jones will be cooking for him, but we can probably assume it will include an endless amount of Wing Stop, Jones’ healthy fried chicken (his favorite cheat meal), and more than a few vanilla ice cream cakes.

GQ asks, “What kind of cake do you want though?” Ricky’s answer:

You know I love those ice cream cakes. You know I love vanilla ice cream cakes. But from the cakes to the pies, Rozay loves a little bit of everything. As long as it’s done at the highest of standards, Rozay gon’ love it.

The guest list includes none other than DJ Khaled himself, so you can expect a play-by-play of how this party will go down on the We the Best kingpin’s Snapchat later this evening.

[via GQ]