In my head I imagine that New Yorkers view the United States like this: Nothing but corn exists between the Tri-State and California except for Chicago and a handful of scattered cowboys in Texas. It’s an extremely parochial (and annoying) image of a geographically large nation, but good luck arguing with eight million people who consider their city to be the urbane crossroads of the world.

For transplants and everyone who tires of New Yorkers’ superiority complex, here’s a bit of news that should force some laughs: A cow somehow got loose recently in the Queens neighborhood of Jamaica, galloping through the congested streets in NYC’s easternmost borough.

The New York Daily News provides the complete—albeit brief—details about the escaped bovine.

The calf was spotted hoofing it down the street near Merrick Blvd. and Jamaica Ave. in Jamaica about 12:15 p.m., officials said.

It was ultimately cornered and corralled in a parking garage about a block away on Archer Ave. and E. 165th St., officials said.

It’s believed that the cow escaped from a nearby slaughterhouse, much like a goat who made a bid for freedom in Queens Wednesday.

Just a reminder, New Yorkers: Queens still sported farms and rural land into the 20th century. Also, the borough’s still a notable producer of farmyard animals, continually providing America with its biggest asses.

[via NYDN]