You may have heard of Philly chain PYT Burger. You know, the spot responsible for crazy burger stunts like deep-frying PB&J sandwiches and slices of frozen Ellio’s pizza to fashion into extra-caloric buns? Or you may remember PYT as the establishment that sold cheeseburger-stuffed donuts covered in “bacon sprinkles.”

When PYT announced plans to expand to NYC, Boston, and Washington D.C. back in 2014, the restaurant was banking on the fact that people would be hyped about “America’s Craaaziest Burgers” (which is exactly how the company bills its creations). But the gonzo patty-slingers have already received a rude awakening in Manhattan, where the Lower East Side location has shuttered after just three months.

PYT’s NYC location was notorious for selling unusual creations like the “Chocolate Donut Burger” and the $64 “Basquiat Burger,” which reported was “made of American Kobe beef and the ground-up soul of the Lower East Side.”

EV Grieve reports that a “For Rent” sign has been posted on the Manhattan PYT location, but there are no mentions of the closure on any of the restaurant’s social media accounts.

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New York is famously suspicious of imported chefs and chains, and even more so when they invoke local heroes like Basquiat for commercial gain. And while the city loves a good culinary spectacle, it’s got standards: Restaurants all across the city from WD-50 to Dominique Ansel have made it a point to surprise jaded New Yorkers with unconventional offerings. But Dufresne’s deep-fried hollandaise and Ansel’s Cronut take skill and make culinary sense. Meanwhile, a Basquiat-inspired burger that costs more than a Porterhouse is just obnoxious.

So farewell, PYT—we hardly knew ya. We’ll bury you next to pizza cones in the graveyard of failed NYC dining gimmicks.

[via EV Grieve]