Listen up, because this is important: YouTuber Fluff Berry Puff has an entire channel filled with ways you can turn your favorite drinks—from Starbucks tea to milk—into huge gummies. Recently, Fluff Berry Puff took on the challenge to turn a bottle of Powerade into an enormous gummy. Follow the instructions below to learn how to make Powerade gummies at home.


  • One Powerade bottle (tag removed and contents poured in a bowl)
  • Eight gelatin envelopes
  • 100ml water

Step 1


Take your Powerade bottle, remove the tag, and pour the contents of the bottle into a bowl.

Step 2


In a separate bowl, pour out the gelatin packets, add 100ml water, and stir. Microwave for one minute.

Step 3


Now, combine the Powerade and gelatin. Stir.

Step 4


Pour your mixture into the empty Powerade bottle and allow it to refrigerate overnight.

Step 5


Cut off the plastic bottle to reveal your giant, Powerade-flavored gummy.

If you want even more inspiration, peep Fluff Berry Puff’s most popular video on how to make a giant Mountain Dew gummy.

[via YouTube]