Meet Poptart, the sweater-wearing miracle puppy who managed to survive Northern California’s extra-chilly El Niño winter. The Dodo reports a couple grabbing breakfast at McDonald’s found the three-and-a-half pound, two-and-a-half month old pup lying next to her dead sibling near a dumpster, balding from demodectic mange.

But Poptart’s luck turned upside down after she was dropped off at the Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA), where she experienced the love and affection she deserved. It has been about a month since Poptart’s arrival to the SSPCA and she’s just about ready to find a new, loving home outside of her foster home.

Sarah Varanini, foster care coordinator at the SSPCA, explains that Poptart is forever grateful for her second chance at life and has been sporting some very fashionable sweaters. Varanini tells The Dodo,

“It’s one of those things where you don’t know what their life was like before they came here. But she’s still very trusting of people and immediately just loved everybody at the shelter. So she’s still a sweet, happy little girl despite having a pretty rough start.”

The SSPCA has even created a few memes featuring the puppy in all her glory.


Soon, Poptart will be ready for adoption, after her coat grows nice and thick. Until then, Poptart is soaking up her stardom as the Internet’s cutest puppy to ever wear a sweater.

[via The Dodo]