When it comes to first-world country buzzkills, having to work on New Year’s Eve might be one of the most dire. Although NYE celebrations themselves almost inevitably become buzzkills themselves, it’s never fun having to tell the squad that you’re bailing on an $80-per-person open bar because you have to clock hours at your gig.

These Cypress, CA Pizza Hut employees had a solution to help ease the stress of working Dec. 31: Rip the f*ck out of a bong. The Southern Californian chain-pizza makers posted a video of their alleged antics on the Internet, which was then picked up by LiveLeak and spread across the World Wide Web. Assuming it’s not tobacco they’re packing, the staff were flying high into the new year.

As BroBible explains, it’s the perfect set-up once you get over the workplace negligence:

“How perfect is this situation? You get stoned at a place where you have easy access to crispy, salty pizza at your every beckoning desire. And you get paid to get high! However, they probably should have not so happily been featured in a video of them smoking weed at work.”

True. And they probably got a better story from the holiday than their friends—they might just want to refrain from telling it to future employers, whom, if we’re willing to bet, they’ll be meeting with soon.

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[H/T BroBible]