Getting that post-baby body back can’t be easy. Especially when you’re up 24/7 taking care of the new little person in your life. But trying to squeeze in mother-daughter bonding and exercise shouldn’t be limited to just Mommy and Me swim classes. California Mother Ashley Wright found an unconventional way to bond with her daughter while working out, and let’s just say it’s nothing short of incredible.

Wright, who runs a fairly popular YouTube channel, makes videos of her and her three-year-old daughter Shannon effortlessly pole dancing together. But before you mind goes in the gutter, watch as Wright calmly spins on the pole while Shannon is breastfeeding. It takes some serious talent, balance, and patience to achieve strength like that.


According to her website, Wright strives to teach parents “it is okay to be 100% committed to your child(ren) and loved ones.” One of the ways she does this is by “attachment parenting.” Attachment parenting is exactly what it sounds like: creating a deep, emotional connection with the child. Seeing how calm Shannon looks while spinning with her mom makes us think Wright’s parenting style is effective.

Want to see more? Here is Wright dancing to the Lion King’s “Circle of Life” with her daughter safely strapped to her back.

How many kids can say their mother pole danced with them as a child? Probably not many. But here’s to hoping this trend catches on.

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