When McDonald’s first released the menu for its highly anticipated all-day breakfast, people were not happy to find McGriddles absent from the menu.

Now, McDonald’s is giving the people what they want: The fast-food giant is testing a McGriddle all-day breakfast expansion at 72 locations in Tulsa, Oklahoma beginning next month. According to AP, McDonald’s is going to use the information collected from the two-to-three month long McGriddle test period to determine whether or not the item should be available all day nationwide.

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But before you get too excited, AP notes there is a good chance the McGriddle addition could put a strain on the restaurant’s service. Back in Novemeber, McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook spoke with the New York Times about his plans to continue to improve the customer experience at Mickey D’s. Some improvements included a faster, more simplified menu and increased order accuracy. Adding the McGriddle will mean locations must “further juggle grill and oven space for an expanded menu,” according to AP.

We don’t have any doubts the all-day McGriddle will be a crowd pleaser; but it’s not just about the consumer; McDonald’s franchise locations and McD’s headquarters will have to determine whether or not the additional menu item adds to much strain on the operation. In the meantime, we can continue binging on hash browns and Egg McMuffins at all hours of the day and still leave feeling satisfied.

[via AP]