For years, McDonald’s has been under fire for its heavily processed menu items, prompting many health-conscious customers to swear off the Golden Arches for good.

In an attempt to market itself towards healthful customers, McDonald’s Hong Kong is transforming itself into “McDonald’s Next,” a more sophisticated spot for people to grab a bite to eat.

The design of McDonald’s Next mimics a Shake Shack-esque design with a minimalist theme and decor. In addition to the clean interior, the swanky restaurant provides customers with the opportunity to try items not typically find at a McDonald’s restaurant. Using the “Create Your Taste” menu, diners can add sides of quinoa, couscous, and asparagus to their meal. According to Fortune, the restaurant has an open-kitchen set up, so customers can easily watch the food being prepared.

Along with McDonald’s Next in Hong Kong, McDonald’s Japan also took steps to create a fancier restaurant. For one night, McDonald’s turned into Restaurant M, where diners were treated to fancy plates made reconstructed from typical McDonald’s menu items.

And it’s not just McD’s that’s taking steps to start serving more healthful options to customers. Chick-Fil-A recently introduced a kale salad, featuring broccolini and roasted nuts, making it the first restaurant of its kind to serve a kale salad nationwide.

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