Keeping up with the Kardashians is pretty difficult in terms of wealth and fame, but not when it comes to finishing a Kit Kat. The eldest of the Kardashian kids, Kourtney, recently posted a video on her website and YouTube page detailing her complicated and incredibly slow method of eating the candy bar. The method has no less than six steps and was apparently invented by her sister, Kim.

The reasoning behind the method is somewhat depressing. “It makes you eat less, because you’re eating it so slow,” admits Kourtney.

She also claims the candy “tastes so much better” this way and that she could never “just like bite into” a Kit Kat.

Kourtney’s “life-changing” 6-step Kit Kat eating method below:

Step 1: Break off a single piece of Kit Kat from the bar.

Step 2: Take a tiny bite off of each end, so that you are eating off the chocolate but none of the wafer.


Step 3: Slowly, and carefully gnaw the chocolate off of the the longer sides of the bar.

Step 4: Next, separate the wafer components like a damn monster, and eat just the top one.

Step 5: Then eat the bottom wafer layer.

Step 6: Finally, eat the middle wafer layer.

There is no step 7, but if there was it probably would be “don’t repeat with remaining pieces and reevaluate your life decisions if this is how you eat Kit Kats.”

Kourtney swears that “if you do it once, you will never eat a Kit Kat any other way.” Clearly, Kourtney hasn’t discovered the joys of Kit Kat pizzas, sandwiches, or biting into the chocolate, cream, and wafer components all at once.

She isn’t the only Kardashian family member to share one of her stranger junk food habits. Last year, her younger sister Khloe released a tutorial detailing how to make her decorative Oreo cookie jar displays.

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