The Japanese Kit Kat envy continues, this time with a sake-flavored Kit Kat that could revolutionize how we turn up. Starting February 1st, Kit Kat will get a boozy twist in the form of a sake-flavored candy bar that actually contains a little bit of alcohol. According to Kotaku, the candy will contain 0.8 percent alcohol, which may not seem like much, unless you end up binging on multiple packs (which we absolutely plan to do on our next trip to Japan).

Rocket News 24 reports that the treat contains a sake powder “kneaded into the white chocolate-encased wafers,” which gives off the taste of “top-quality rice wine.” The chocolate even comes in a package that is shaped like a bottle, making it the perfect gift to bring over to your next dinner party. But beware: because the Kit Kat does contains a little bit of alcohol, Kotaku advises not to give this sweet to kids or people sensitive to alcohol.

The sake flavor is just one of the many Kit Kat flavors brought to you by Kit Kat Japan. Other unique flavors developed by the company include a baked Kit Kat, purple sweet potato flavor, and a Kit Kat covered in gold.

[via Kotaku]