Ice Cube and Kevin Hart headed to St. Louis this week to promote their new buddy cop-ish film Ride Along 2 and in the process did a culinary “ride along” of sorts. The two actors stopped by Fox2Now’s studios where they were offered some of St. Louis’ most famed foods—all of which help make the city an ideal bachelor trip spot.

First up was pizza made with Provel—a white processed cheese—from Imo’s Pizza. Hart insisted on tasting it first and Cube obliged after making one request to Hart: “Don’t grab the piece I want.” Hart of course went straight for the very piece Cube pointed too. Still, both seem to dig the pie. “That’s some good cheese,” declared Cube.

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(Imo’s pizza and toasted ravioli)

The two moved on to another St. Louis delicacy: toasted ravioli. This was a bit of a revelation for Hart who admitted, “The only ravioli i’ve ever heard of is the kind in a can.” (Shoutout to Chef Boyardee.) This was followed up by some Ted Drewes frozen custard, something Cube seemed to really enjoy (“Damn. This tastes better than ice cream.”). Then again, is that so surprising considering his name?

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