File this under “looks so real you can almost taste it.” Illusion artist and incredibly skilled sketcher Howard Lee recently dropped a video showing his ability to “draw uncannily lifelike objects,” writes Uproxx. His choice of subject matter? The beloved hot dog.

While a hot dog feels easy to draw, it’s hard to make it look hyperrealistic—something Lee manages to do with ease. The video shows Lee drawing a hot dog with markers right next to a real hot dog. He then drizzles actually ketchup and mustard onto both the real hot dog and the drawing and it’s very difficult to tell them apart. Viewers only really see the difference when he takes a massive knife to the image and only the real hot dog slices apart.

(Which one is which?)

While Lee makes impressive drawings of food, other people are using food as their canvas. World’s coolest dad Jurgen Steenwelle has garnered some fame for his incredibly detailed drawings on banana peels that he includes in his daughter’s lunch. He has managed to draw everything from Dumbledore to a Duck on a the fruit. Also impressive is the mother-daughter team behind Butterwinks, a company that uses the duo’s incredible piping skills to produce stunning works of art on cookies.

[via Uproxx]