Hippos are terrifying creatures. Don’t think so? This video will be sure to convince you otherwise.

When a deceased hippo ended up on rival territory at a wildlife park in South Africa, a male hippo was not happy about it. So much so that he decided to attack the poor guy with his powerful jaw as if this creature had a choice to fight back.


After a series of impressive bites, the deceased hippo seems to get away with just a few punctured marks. But just look at that jaw clamp. He’s lucky he was left uneaten.


According to Live Science, hippos’ aggressive nature typically causes them to use their powerful jaws to fight other hippos, as demonstrated in the video. This aggression can even be inflicted on their young. While they do spend a good amount of time inside the water, hippos leave the water around sunset to graze, and may consume up to 80 pounds of grass in one night.

[via Daily Mail]