Hip-hop and food have always gone hand-in-hand, the way pepperoni does with pizza, and the way Guy Fieri does with frosted tips. Often, songs are piled high with food references, and artists are frequently championing their dietary choices—whether it be champagne, filet mignon, kale salads, or veggie burgers—in interviews and across social media.

A number of hip-hop artists have also launched side projects (i.e., 2Chainz’s cookbook), and in some cases, second careers in the food world, such as Kelis’ budding empire, which includes a cooking show and sauce line. So it should come as no surprise that some of the best rappers also appear in some of the G.O.A.T. cooking segments.

Stars like Coolio have turned to YouTube to showcase their chops in the kitchen and their own, let’s say, distinctive style. Others, such as Snoop Dogg, have appeared on television to whip up dishes—in his case, mashed potatoes—with cooking legends like Martha Stewart. Regardless, these 10 incredible hip-hop cooking segments make the Food Network look more snooze-worthy than C-SPAN.

1. Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart

When: 2008
Dish Made: Mashed potatoes

It’s hard to decide which part of this five-minute segment is the most incredible: Snoop trying to peel a potato while being (undoubtedly) high as hell, Stewart’s subtle jabs at the rapper, or Snoop busting out his own stash of cognac to add to the dish.

2. Raekwon

When: 2015
Dish Made: Instant noodles

Raekwon gets real points for making “trap” instant noodles in what looks like an office break room with a low-budget hot-plate set up. He gets extra credit for doing it while wearing an insanely expensive-looking ring, and for the not-so-subtle reference to the Wu-Tang hit “C.R.E.A.M.” in the form of, well, a container of cream. Though according to Raekwon, it could also be “moose milk.”

3. Coolio

When: 2008
Dish Made: Spinach

Coolio can turn anything into a gangster’s paradise, including the kitchen, as displayed through his cult-classic web series “Cookin’ With Coolio.” What sets this episode in particular apart is that he trades in his usual scantily-clad female assistants for a shy little boy named Ethan.

4. Action Bronson

When: 2009
Dish Made: The Bronson Burger (burger patty topped with a fried-chicken cutlet)

Before Action Bronson ascended to the rap throne he sits on today, he was just a man hustling to make a name for himself by uploading cooking segments to YouTube. In this episode, Bronson—who appears to be 25 at the time—drops some real burger-making knowledge, solid reasoning for avoiding buns with sesame seeds, and a great explainer as to what aioli is all while wearing his shirt inside-out.

5. Thirstin Howl The 3rd

When: 2011
Dish Made: Vanilla wafer pie

New York rapper Thirstin Howl the 3rd—a.k.a., “Chef Survival Kit,” as he likes to be called in the kitchen—hosts a hilarious web cooking show called “Jail Recipes,” where he shows people how to cook up prison food so good “you have to try it at home.” This recipe is for a vanilla wafer pie, which has two ingredients: vanilla wafers and a chocolate sports shake. Step one of the recipe? Open the box of wafers. The video only gets better from there.

6. Rev Run and his wife Justine

When: 2015
Dishes Made: Chicken stir-fry, shrimp fried rice, “Not Your R-egg-ular” egg rolls

Rev Run might have his own cooking show on the Cooking Channel, but this episode of Sunday Suppers feels like a glimpse of what life is actually like at his house. Instead of just picking up and ordering take-out, Rev insists that his wife help him make an elaborate spread based on their favorite Chinese dishes while the two hilariously bicker over everything.

7. Kelis

When: 2015
Dish Made: Mac and cheese

Before she got a shiny new cooking series on Cooking Channel with professional cameras and slick effects, Kelis was slumming it, making amateur cooking videos at home despite of all that “Milkshake” money. What makes this clip so great is her intense macaroni-and-cheese recipe, which features not only three kinds of cheese, but also pickled jalapeño, sour cream, AND truffle oil.

8. Flavor Flav

When: 2011
Dish Made: Fried chicken

It’s hard to get more epic than legendary hype man Flavor Flav wearing his signature clock necklace while cooking in the kitchen of his fried-chicken restaurant in Louisiana. Best of all, Flav isn’t afraid to get dirty when making chicken, and doesn’t mind that his hands—decked out in pricey rings—are completely coated with flour.

9. Trick Daddy

When: 2014
Dish Made: Cocaine Chicken Wings, Crack Stew Conch

Not only is he making dishes called “Cocaine Chicken Wings” and “Crack Stew Conch” for the 2 Live Crew, but Trick Daddy also isn’t above doing the dishes or wiping down the kitchen counter mid-cooking session, which might be the most impressive moment of them all.

10. 2 Chainz

When: 2013
Dish Made: Crab Cakes With Mango Salsa

While promoting his cookbook, 2 Chainz stopped by The Chew studio to make his crab cakes with mango salsa with orange-Croc enthusiast Mario Batali. It’s worth watching just to see 2 Chainz dance in reaction to how good his crab cakes are, and to hear Batali utter the phrase, “That was a bangin’ song.”