Guy Fieri: mayor of Flavortown, beast in the kitchen, and now movie star (sort of).

El Frosted-Tipped One does it all (I mean, have you heard his mixtape?), so why not bring the Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives host to the big screen? In honor of Fieri’s birthday and his never-ending set of skills, the people over at @Midnight created what might be one of the greatest hashtags of 2016 so far: #GuyFieriMovies.

Being the viral meme god that he is, Fieri’s hashtag went viral immediately, inspiring some pretty hilarious ideas of what iconic films could look like if Fieri starred as the lead. We’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest Fieri-inspired movies below. Guy is clearly destined for silver-screen stardom.

Texas Cheeseburger Massacre

Dude, Where’s my Carbs?

Straight Outta Condiments

Gone with the Wing

Steaks on a Plane

Honey I Frosted the Tips

10 Things I Ate Without You

The Fast and the Fierious

50 First Plates

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Bleached

The Hand that Rocks the Ladle

For Your Thighs Only

Gone Grill

Sophie’s Choice of Fries or a Shake