The Craigslist personal ads section is an amazing look into the human psyche, revealing that there are fetishes for everything—including pretending to be one spiky-haired culinary lothario by the name of Guy Fieri. Eater writes that someone in the Bay Area searching for some deep-fried love posted an ad ripe with food-based raunchy innuendo. The now deleted post, which is hotter than Fieri’s flamed-covered shirts, details someone’s fantasy of taking “Triple D” in a more X-rated direction.

The ad read:
[pullquote]“I have a fantasy where I am Guy Fieri going to a diner on his TV show, I order a spicey [sic] Texas melt with a side of potato wedges, you pull up your skirt and say ‘I’ve got a hot creamy place you can wedge something into’.[/pullquote]

Who knew FlavorTown could be so, err, (donkey) saucy?

If you are in fact interested in this fiery Fieri role play, the 4’ 10’’ person behind the ad is willing to host. “I’ve already spent $12k decorating my apartment like a diner,” he notes.  If you need some mood music, might we suggest this?

[via Eater]