Roomba-cleaning robots are what everyone needs. Not only do the gizmos add a futuristic feel to your domestic space, but they also make your home immaculate with minimal effort on your end. It’s a modern miracle, to say the least.

Roombas are a luxury for households across the nation, but they were of little help to backyard grillers, stuck with the thankless job of tidying up the Weber after a long day of cooking. That is, until now—introducing the Grillbot, the Roomba-style robot that cleans your grill. Say good-bye to an era of greasy, sludgy fingers. 



TechCrunch reports this bad boy is being sold for $129 (in comparison to the typical Roomba robot can run anywhere from $250-$900).  The robot comes with a rechargeable battery, replaceable cleaning bristles, three motors, a timer, and an alarm so it can let you know when it’s finished working.

To be able to use the robot, you need to get your grill up to about 200 degrees. Any hotter and your gadget will sound off an alarm letting you know your grill is too hot to clean.

Cleaning your grill is a rite of passage. Is the GrillBot an affront to a time-honored tradition?


[via TechCrunch]