One man got a little too selfish with the shellfish at a store in Georgia last week and is now on the run from the police. According to WALB, the cops are looking for a man who walked into a Dollar General last Friday afternoon and attempted to steal bags of frozen shrimp, using a creative technique—stuffing them down his pants., South Georgia News, Weather, Sports

He attempted to walk out of the store like it wasn’t weird to have bags of frozen shrimp near his, uhh, little shrimp, but a manager confronted the man before he was able to do so. The manager says she heard a “crunch” from the thief’s “waistband when [he] stopped.” Eventually the suspect offered up the bags of Sea Best frozen shrimp that he had hidden away. When the manager went to call 911, the man ran off—shrimp-less.


While we don’t condone shoplifting, it’s not hard to understand why the man attempted to steal the shellfish. In the past few years, the price of shrimp has drastically increased. While the value of the shrimp he attempted to steal was not given, bags of Sea Best tend to retail between $15-$20, meaning he nearly got away with a hundred dollars worth of the seafood.

The suspect isn’t the first person to steal shrimp from a store either, though he may be the first to shove them down his pants. Last July, three men were investigated by the police for entering a grocery store and stealing nearly 10 pounds—or $259—of shrimp.

[via WALB]