One man learned the hard way that the adage “sex sells” doesn’t exactly apply to food trucks. According to Fox 19, authorities shut down Pop’s Popcorn and Koosier Daddy’s Food Cart—both of which are located in Evansville, Indiana—for selling sex toys. Turns out that while owner Kwan Dixon had permits to sell items like nachos, hot dogs, and chips, he didn’t have permission to sell his more unique side offerings.

Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV

It’s not hard to imagine that a food cart would sell hot dogs, but how did Dixon come to sell non-edible items of the same shape? He tells the news station: “Sex sells. We all love it. We love it more than we actually show it. Is sex selling in Evansville? Yeah!” Dixon believes that selling sex toys will only lead to good things and solve many problems: “More peace. More kids. More peace. It will settle everybody down.”

Dixon may be able to go back to giving Evansville “more peace” soon enough. Fox 19 reports that as long as he updates his permits, he’ll be able to sell hot dogs of the sexual and non-sexual variety. Perhaps he should also consider expanding his offerings to include sex toys of the edible variety. You never know, these chocolate butt plugs and X-rated Chupa Chups may become best sellers. 

[via Fox 19]