Prior to DJ Khaled’s Snapchat account going viral, there were never any clear-cut guidelines on how to achieve success. Maybe you choose to go to college and get a degree, marry your quote unquote soulmate, get a corporate job, and start a family. But does that really lead to a successful life?

Not according to DJ Khaled. Ever since people started taking note of his Snaps, Khaled effectively revolutionized the way we understand success. In just a few months, it seemed as though the whole entire world knew that a breakfast of egg whites, turkey bacon, and water constituted as a major key to success—and companies took note. Now, a key is virtually anything.

Fast-food brands have begun piggybacking on DJ Khaled’s viral nature, crafting Khaled-esque tweets and memes to appeal to younger audiences. Now, everyone is talking like Khaled. And when we say everyone, we mean everyone.

Here’s a peek at the latest iteration of corporate Twitter accounts talking like teens. This time, we can thank DJ Khaled: 


Let’s be real: Khaled would never call syrup a key to success. Why? Because there are absolutely no egg whites, turkey bacon, or water in syrup. Just ask Chef Dee, DJ Khaled does not mess around when it comes to his breakfast spread.


Denny’s is clearly killing it in with the Twitter appeal. After DJ Khaled dined at the restaurant himself, ordering his usual breakfast, the restaurant took note and created a special spot on their menu for the We the Best kingpin. While the items have yet to be found on an actual menu, you can’t deny this was a good idea. Who doesn’t want to dine like Khaled?

Sonic and Burger King

Sonic and Burger King, on the other hand, opted to reply to fans using DJ Khaled quotes and key emojis. Once this happens, you have to ask yourself: has the key jumped the shark?


Whataburger is not one to shy away from appropriating viral content. After all, this is the restaurant that unabashedly weighed in on the Drake and Meek Mill beef from earlier this summer. Now, Whataburger is at it again, arguing that DJ Khaled’s keys might be a little too narrow. People can try for themselves to determine if this food is really worth all the hype.

Whether or not you enjoy seeing all the countless key to success memes, you can’t deny this trend is getting old pretty quick. After all, restaurants talking like teens on Twitter isn’t anything new. Countless restaurants have opted to appeal to the Twitter demographic by appropriating phrases popular among the younger generations—phrases like “Bae,” “fleek,” and “low key.” Think of the Khaled talk as Twitter talking like teens 2.0. It’s really just a matter of time before they latch onto something new.