Remember that drunken, big-shot Taco Bell executive Benjamin Golden? You know, the guy who lost his job after he was caught on camera physically assaulting his Uber driver. Well, it looks like Golden is attempting to turn the tables to make it look like he is the victim.

Back on October 30th, Uber driver Edward Caban’s video footage of his passenger Benjamin Golden attacking him went viral, causing Golden’s life to take a turn for the worst. Once Taco Bell grabbed hold of the news, Golden was stripped of his title and encouraged to “seek professional help.” He was also arrested and charged with assault and battery. The incident was enough for Caban to completely swear off his job as an Uber driver.

In a strange twist of events, FoodBeast reports Golden is now suing Caban for five million dollars because Caban recorded the debacle without his consent. According to the California penal code section 632, a person cannot record someone without the consent of everyone in the party. To make matters worse, Golden also believes Caban is responsible for any injuries he suffered throughout the incident. If you recall, Caban only pepper sprayed Golden after Golden initiated a fight, pulling Caban’s hair and punching his head. If anything, Caban’s actions could be interpreted as defense.

The footage shows Caban asking Golden to exit the vehicle because he was too drunk, which prompts Golden to react violently. Golden has since apologized for the altercation, explaining he “never should have slapped Uber driver Edward Caban.”

Yet, he still feels as though Caban should pay for filming Golden without his consent. We still have yet to find out if Caban will be considered guilty, but we will keep you updated as details emerge.

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