We live in a day and age where waiting over 30 minutes for pizza to be delivered is considered outrageous. After waiting an hour and a half for an order from a Domino’s location that was only a mile away, a Covina customer decided to punish the delivery man by snubbing him of a decent tip.

According to KTLA, the customer left delivery man Michael Charles Parker a $3 tip on a $45 dollar order. Unsatisfied with the payment, Parker stayed at the doorstep, refusing to leave. A fight broke out, prompting Parker to stab the customer in the neck and wrist.

Fortunately, the victim surivived the fight with non life-threatening injuries. Parker, on the other hand, earned himself a trip to jail. After posting the $30,000 bail, Parker was released from jail where he now awaits a March 21st court date to determine the price of his actions.

[via KTLA]