If you don’t have DJ Khaled’s keys to success completely memorized, you’re either living under a rock or voluntarily taking an L.

Millions of fans tune in daily to Khaled’s Snapchat to watch the We The Best kingpin eat the same breakfast over and over again, which leaves us all wanting to eat like Khaled. And that’s where Denny’s comes in.

Last month, Khaled stopped by Denny’s for his regular breakfast of, you guessed it: egg whites, chicken sausage, turkey bacon, and water (major key to success).

In celebration of Khaled, Denny’s added a spot on their menu with his breakfast staple. 

This “special menu” includes a “Key to Success Breakfast Slam” of egg whites, turkey bacon, chicken sausage, and water, along with a “Lion Order Smoothie” option.

Whether or not the items have actually been added to IRL restaurant menus is to be determined. As of right now, the two items are only on the restaurant’s Twitter page and does not exist on its online menu. This could all be just a giant ploy to go viral. First We Feast has reached out to Denny’s for a comment.

Denny’s is not the only restaurant to make a serious attempt to appeal to a younger audience. Using marketing tactics like Twitter and Instagram, the brands can reach out to their Millennial target market. The best part: these chains typically make a fool out of themselves in the process.

Although in the case of DJ Khaled, this feature is a great way to help people live their best lives Khaled-style. Now, to find out what exactly is in a Lion Order Smoothie…

[via Twitter/Denny’s]