Stadium food is no longer just stale pretzels and lukewarm hotdogs. Over the past few years, it’s become sort of a sport in itself with places offering a slew of over-the-top creations like pulled pork parfaits and chicken-and-waffle doughnuts. The latest item to get added to the fold is chef David Chang’s extra popular fried chicken sandwiches. Yes, that’s right, all Knicks fans now have access to Fuku during game time thanks to its new location inside Madison Square Garden in NYC.

The outpost opened yesterday and per Grub Street it will sell the restaurant’s massive spicy fried chicken sandwiches as well as its divisive wedge french fries. Plus,  a number of milk bar cookies—including the popular Compost cookie—are available as well.

If you don’t like fried chicken unless its served to you by a scantily clad waitress, you’re in luck. During half-time you can duck out of the game—or Justin Bieber concert (we aren’t judging)—to grab wings at the year-old 7,000 square-foot Hooters location across the street.

[via Grub Street]